"a professional in every sense..."

"If you want a massage, look in the Yellow Pages.  If you want a professional in every sense of the word, call Susan.  Susan's knowledge and talent as a massage therapist are only surpassed by her consistent focus on what will best serve her client on that day and in that session." -PM, Music Industry

"so much more..."

"Susan does so much more than provide a therapeutic massage.  She targeted my tight hamstrings in a way that no other physical therapist, acupuncturist, or doctor was able to accomplish.  Her mind/body oriented newsletters are visually beautiful and filled with gems of healing advice.  No wonder she is considered Brattleboro’s best. " -CD, Artist and Athlete

“Helps to keep my back in good shape after surgery…”

"Susan's ball class really helps to keep my back in good shape after surgery. I also found it just plain relaxing and easy to do."

"incredibly skilled..."

“Susan is incredibly skilled, and has helped me overcome injuries on many occasions.  Seeing her regularly helps me maintain a more active and less stressful life."  -M.A. 

“I so look forward to my visits with Susan…”

“I so look forward to my visits with Susan!  She treats both body and spirit, sensing what is needed at each session.  She maintains a wonderful balance in her practice and her life, and this shows in the high quality of her service.”
-CG, retired

“It makes a big difference to have all of her attention on my own customized needs.”

“I had an eye-opening private That Is How We Roll Skype class with Susan! It makes a big difference to have all of her attention for my own customized needs rather than share it with a group. Now I am inspired to continue exploring my aches and tight spots on my own at home. It works well to use the balls in bed when I first wake up, following the instructions for my back as we did in our class. Thanks so much Susan!” -BBR


"Susan's joy and excellence as a teacher is the mature expression of what she knows from experience, intuits naturally, and has the professional ability to pass on to her students and clients for their growth and healing on many levels."  

-DG, Entrepreneur

Voted Best in Brattleboro 

Susan Carbin-Hardee has been voted "The Best Massage Therapist in the Brattleboro Area" repeatedly.


"a healthcare miracle worker..."

I’ve been going to Susan for several years and consider her a healthcare miracle worker. Her massage treatments do wonders for me when I am in acute pain and discomfort, and she’s also great for keeping me feeling healthy and refreshed on a regular basis. I highly recommend Susan to anyone seeking massage care and positive energy work. -J.R. non-profit director