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I am so enthused about this style of yoga since doing a deep and immersive 2019 training. Talk to me about how this slow and targeted practice can respectfully bring your body into balance. Perfect for private sessions and as a support for your massage therapy goals.

Take a look at this article that outlines why it’s time to make time for Yin Yoga.


Hatha Yoga

"decades of movement study and practice…"

Bringing decades of movement study and movement practice to her studio classes, Susan creates private and semi-private yoga instruction, custom-designed to client development. Susan began studying Iyengar yoga in the late 1970s with Boston teacher Karen Stephan and was intrigued by how satisfying it felt to silently unify body, mind, and spirit. Since that time, she has blended study of yoga along with many other dance and movement disciplines until finally choosing to become certified to teach Embodyoga in 2004. Embodyoga is most simply defined as yoga practice from the inside out—an ‘embodied inquiry’ guiding direct experiences of sensing, feeling, and witnessing. It is a system of yoga that invites us deeper into ourselves—to the cellular level—leading to self-acceptance, insight, and inspiration.  

Embodyoga founder patty townsend

Embodyoga founder patty townsend

"There is a clear and fundamental difference between being led through a yoga class and being instructed in yoga." When I instruct you in the Embodi approach, I see you; all of the postural habits built over a lifetime follow you into asana. I will be there to help you build awareness, thus empowering you to makes healthy changes” -Susan Carbin-Hardee, MA 

Susan will gently and compassionately guide you to make postural corrections that will completely make sense to you and allow your practice to deepen organically. Instruction will always be attentive both to avoiding injuries and to working with old injuries and disabilities. And, as a seasoned massage therapist and structural integrator, Susan brings a tremendous amount of anatomy knowledge to her yoga instruction.

Private and Semi-Private Classes

Scheduled in six-week segments, and as tailored individual courses for you, classes are designed to help students learn intensively, with supportive handouts for following through at home. Maximum number of students for semi-private classes is four. Class rates begin at $65.00 per hour, which may be divided by the number of participants in the class.

Customized Posture Sequences

If you would like to deepen your home practice, or simply cannot get to the yoga studio often enough, Susan can create a customized group of yoga postures that targets your particular needs and wishes for steady gains in your yoga practice at home. Using a unique yoga software, postures are presented in a printed form with photos and full written instructions for your successful yoga development. Prices for this service run from $100.00 to $200.00, with a free 20-minute coaching check in once you've had a chance to try it out!

home is where the mat is

home is where the mat is