That Is How We Roll is challenging and relaxing, peaceful and intense, all at the same time.

The That Is How We Roll Series of bodywork ball workshops and classes are designed as an innovative, low-cost way of practicing healthy deep-tissue, pain-relieving, muscle-toning body-massage self care. In a 75 minute, four-hour, or full-day program one can learn skills to take home and use for a lifetime.  Through a process of applying body weight into specially designed small balls, old patterns are changed toward increased comfort, flexibility, and a refreshingly renewed range of motion.  The tissues are naturally re-hydrated.  Comments such as "I feel more open and free", "I feel taller", or "This is just what I needed!" are common.


Susan Carbin-Hardee, founder of Embodi, saw the need for a method of deep tissue postural correction and self-massage in a class format to address the creeping sense of overall tension and contraction that develops in our bodies as we live and age.  Her deep experience as a dancer and yoga teacher, with three decades as a massage therapist and more recently as a Board Certified Anatomy Trains Structural Integrator, has given her the human anatomy tools needed to create this age-defying and pain-relieving method.

Your body alignment in gravity is responsible for how your weight is distributed through joints.  Misalignment and imbalances can have negative impact over time and lead to uneven cartilage wear in knees, hips and shoulders resulting in chronic debilitating conditions.  It's smart to get on it early in life to free your body and evolve your posture.


That Is How We Roll classes and workshops

As well as our 75 minute weekly classes, which feature highly varied topics of focus, those who want to gain an enriched understanding can enroll in our workshops. The new series is comprised of seven individual workshops which can be taken in any order and individually.  One workshop alone can give you enough education to begin to apply the techniques to other body areas.  The following workshops are in the That Is How We Roll Series at present:

  • The Shoulders and Neck

  • The Shoulders, Arms and Hands

  • The Legs and Feet

  • The Pelvis and Thighs

  • The Spine

  • The Torso

  • Advanced That Is How We Roll Therapeutics Fascial Freedom

Applying deep pressure to the body needs to be undertaken with patience, respect, and knowledge.  There are nerves, arteries, scar tissue and old injuries under the skin, and each person is unique.  Having an expert in the bodywork field as a teacher gives the advantage of having the anatomy clearly explained as one learns.  

The balls come in various sizes and levels of firmness.  A smaller ball has more of a pinpoint affect, whereas a very large ball will have a regional or global affect.  The firmer balls will apply greater pressure into the body tissues and, as such, are used more in advanced classes or in private sessions.  A softer ball is what tends to be used in the workshops as an educational introduction to the work.  Individuals can work up to firmer pressure over time as it feels safe to apply.  It is surprising to learn how easy it is to create change in your body.

"I am sympathetic to those who want to feel the comfort of deep bodywork, but cannot afford the cost of Structural Integration or regular massage therapy.  It took me decades to accumulate the anatomical knowledge that has become the gist of ‘That Is How We Roll’, but with a bit of class time you can quickly learn and use some of the basics to feel great again." -Susan Carbin-Hardee, MA 

Anatomy Trains Structural Integration clients know that homework is in integral part of participating in an ATSI series of sessions, (and important to holding a more permanent alignment after a series is finished). Customized That Is How We Roll exercises serve as a focused support to be practiced between session times, and regularly thereafter.  Offering these workshops and classes is a way for Susan to synthesize and share all that has been shared with her.  

You can evolve your posture to regain old levels of comfort. 


Private and semi-private sessions are popular. Call for a 20% discount on your first class.

Please send inquiries about current classes and private sessions to or 802-254-7715


Once per month you can join in to a four-hour deep dive into the wonders of rolling. Body focus areas will vary monthly (for example: neck and shoulders, pelvis, legs and feet, spine, arms and hands, etc.) so that over time you'll have a chance to learn and apply advanced deep massage to most of the major muscles in your body with the profound benefit of feeling at home and less painful in your body again. Please join us.

Call or email for dates.

Price $80.00 plus the cost of balls




"I felt like I'd been handed control over my own destiny..."

“No one dislikes medical appointments more than I do so I look for ways to help myself.  Susan taught me how to use small, inflatable balls to relieve pain and adjust skeletal and muscular imbalances. I felt like I'd been handed control over my own destiny—which, in a small way, I had.” -B.C., writer



"Walking feels easier."

"I really felt a difference after the pelvic class. Walking feels easier, more fluid. It was and still is remarkable, really.

“No more backaches”

Learning about Susan’s ball therapy method has given me specific self-care tools I can use whenever and wherever I choose, even when traveling. No more backaches.” -A.W., engineer


"Everybody needs to be doing this work."

"Now that I know about this method I want to use it forever to maintain my flexibility. Everybody needs to be doing this work" M.K., structural integrator

“I’ll definitely attend another class.”

I loved Susan’s class. She’s extremely knowledgeable and her class is very welcoming. I had a painful shoulder injury which disappeared after my class series with her. I will definitely attend another class.” MW, librarian